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Sunya 12.21.07 Thank you for the recommendation. I have heard of him/them before. I agree that we are merciless towards ourselves. We tend not to remember and trust our innocence and our tender hearts – we tend not to trust our hearts and innate creative intelligence. We are taught through punishment not to trust ourselves […]

Jim 1.6.05 Column A Byron Katie Eckhart Tolle Andrew Cohen Adi Da Gangaji Adyashanti Saniel Bonder Nick Ardaagh Column B Stephen Levine Jack Kornfield Pema Chodron Shunryu Suzuki Roshi Thich Nhat Hanh Stephen Batchelor The Dalai Lama A.H. Almaas Steve Hagen Those in Column A either say or strongly imply that they are awake or […]

Jim 11.18.04 Hi Jana. Yeah, Chetananda was a student of Rudi’s, as I’m sure you know, and Rudi was at one time one of the most grounded teachers around in the US. He was an in-the-body-experience-oriented teacher in a world of out-of-the-body-experience-oriented seekers. Three of my teachers studied with him. One of them was Stephen […]