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~julian 1.24.05 yes that is called counter transference and a therapist would work on his counter transference with his spiritual guide called a supervisor. he would take responsibility for his stuff” as it gets triggered by the relationships with his clients and work it out elsewhere , so as to keep the space clean for […]

~julian 1.24.05 mark david, even in cases where the client has “seduced” the therapist, the therapist still carries the responsibility in a legal sense and loses their license if they are discovered. it is not a defense to say – well he/she wanted it. they asked for it. they are an adult and have equal […]

MarkDavid 1.24.05 Hi julian. This is a nice riff on transference. And I am a therapist (or post-doc in training in any case), so I empathize with aspects of this view of course. But you must also understand that the notion that people regress in some kind of total fashion in the process of therapy […]

~julian 1.23.05 when anyone is in a position of authority there is a psychological power imbalance. this is not wrong. it is not a choice. it is psychologically unavoidable. it starts with our relationship to parents and other adults when we are kids. we idealize them. we imagine them to be all good, all powerful, […]