Immediate Knowledge and Happiness- John Levy (vers. 1)

Immediate Knowledge.. And Happiness- John Levy (vers. 2)

Tripura Rahasya

Epistles of Light: Letters from Ganapati Muni to Bhagavan

The Incredible Sai Baba- Arthur Osborne

Robert Adams Complete Works – Jan 2012 – prev unknown files now dated and 1 new transcript added

A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi- Major Chadwick

Reflections on Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi- S.S. Cohen

Maha Yoga- Sri Lakshmana Sarma

My Life and Quest- Arthur Osborne

Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self-Knowledge- Arthur Osborne

Surpassing Love and Grace

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi in his Own Words- ed. Arthur Osborne

In Days of Great Peace by Mouni Sadhu

Nayana – Ganapati Muni Biography – Dr. G Krishna

Mysticism Made Simple- Richard S.T. Francis

Brother Bird, Sister Blossom: Meanderings of a Franciscan Taoist- Richard S.T. Francis

Superlove- Richard S.T. Francis

Luminous Jewels of Love and Light Vol. 2- Richard S.T. Francis


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10 Responses to “Silence”

  1. 1 devopam

    thank you beloved, for the pdfs of mouni sadhu, robert adams and books on ramana’s teachings. i’d been looking for them. ❤

    • 2 muddypractice

      You’re more than welcome. I have more texts along those lines — if there is something particular you are looking for, let me know. Best to you.

  2. 3 John Wiersba

    Do you have an e-copy of John Levy’s Immediate Knowledge and Happiness? Would appreciate if you would post it. Thanks!

    • 4 muddypractice

      Sure, in fact I believe I have a couple of different versions. I’ll post them shortly … Let me know if I can help you with anything else. You can always email @ as an alternative to posting here if you prefer.

  3. 5 d

    do you have anything that can make me wise(r)? Just kidding- great site and bibliography that you are kindly sharing with those who need… stuff…
    i got Robert Adams- it would take half the rest of my life to finish it off; the other half is reserved by nature- too bad…

    bless you brother/sister!

    • 6 muddypractice

      Heh, thank you! I do in fact have a bunch of other stuff I’d be happy to share — you (or anyone else) can always feel free to shoot me an email if you have requests … in fact I think I even have a rough list of titles around here somewhere that I could share with you. Though I do appreciate your remark about not having enough time in life to read everything that one might wish to.

      That said, I think the Robert Adams material is similar to much other good stuff of its ilk in that it contains a fair amount of repetition. So I’d bet that whatever you’re able to take in will be perfectly helpful in itself. Add to that the ability to search/CTRL-F for certain topics in this digital age, and it makes it even easier to glean what might be especially helpful to you.

      All the best to you, as well!!

  4. 7 Karan kalia

    Sir, first of all i want to thank you so much for posting all these precious teachings contained in these files and i really appreciate your exceptional work for taking the time to upload these files which keeps on helping me.
    I want to ask do you happen to have ‘the power of presence’ trilogy(or any part) by david godman ?

    • 8 muddypractice

      You’re very welcome. I’m so glad to learn that you’ve benefited from them.

      The short answer is that I don’t have digital copies of those books. Additionally, I try to only post titles which are in the public domain, or that are out of print or otherwise difficult to obtain through the usual avenues.

      I’m not sure where you are located, but more info on ordering them, plus some excerpts, can be found at these sites:

  5. Dear Muddy Practice,

    Please remove the file below from your listing and links. This is a violation of the DMCA copyright infringement.

    The material you are listing for free download is copyrighted by the Robert Adams Infinity Institute non-profit 501(3)(c) (original copyright by Robert Adams).

    Thank you for your immediate attention to this important issue.

    Robert Adams Institute Legal Team

    • 10 muddypractice

      In short, go fuck yourself. (And I mean that in the most loving of ways!)

      If you’d like to communicate like a human being instead of a hyper-litigious asshole, then please do. That’d be great.

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